As managers and consultants we know what it takes to be a working writer in Hollywood.

Guiding the careers of screenwriters is our passion.


3R Entertainment Group is the most trusted resource for getting a screenplay to the next level. As a talent management and consulting company we are able to provide representation and services to help screenwriters acquire the competitive edge needed to excel. Whether it is management, consulting, script coverage, or production services we are top notch. We aim to provide the entertainment industry with the highest quality literary material. Our management team keeps a highly select roster of clients which spans from actors, screenwriters, directors and producers. Referrals are a big asset when promoting a client. Our goal is to remain a boutique talent management and consulting company while becoming a trusted source for talent among industry professionals. We are consistently perfecting our system, honing our skills, and building effective relationships.


Many of our screenwriters have gone through our consulting and script coverage department with much success before being signed to our management allowing us to grow a relationship. Our consulting service it not only for new writers but for seasoned writers and those in between not only to offer assistance to talent under our guidance but to also assist agents, managers and production companies in the process. A writer can't afford NOT to have their script professionally analyzed and critiqued prior to submitting to agents, managers, production and other industry outlets.


We have recently opened out production services to screenwriters because we know how effective it is to market your script with a short to agents, managers, and particularly production companies and festivals.


We also offer proofreading, performed audio readings, table readings, and short film production of your script. Contact us at 310.295.0111 for more information.